Something I've been toying with for quite a while now is creating another channel based around personal finance. I have a lot of knowledge in the space and it's become clear that content around money on YouTube is bid on by advertisers with good budgets. There is potential here to make a healthy side income and also educate people who aren't financially literate.

There seem to be many channels taking advantage of short term get rich quick kind of thinking, promoting apps like Robinhood or FreeTrade. These channels seem to be run by people who are completely new to the area and are quite simply giving bad advice.

So I plan to get my first video up this week and will aim to be monetised by end of this year. In terms of ad revenue vs my coding channel it seems to pay 3x to 4x more. So I'd be making $9-10 RPM vs closer to $3 RPM or something along those lines.

As always the hard work is getting started. Getting those first subscribers and maintaining momentum into the monetization but I think it's very possible and I have many video ideas.