I put together a script for the first finance video I was going to do for the new channel. It was on why you need to invest. I was doing a presentation style format with animated slides but then got distracted by my main channel and was questioning whether I should just talk to the camera instead. Here is the problem - I have always found it hard to focus on one thing at a time. Anything that seems like a good idea and is new has always gotten my attention.

I still want to create this finance channel and soon. I'm sure in 3 months time I will be glad I started now. Even if it doesn't grow much beyond the 1k subs and minimum watch time I would predict it would be bringing in $200-300 a month which as a revenue stream could mean the difference between being able to continue my quest for financial freedom and having to do some contract work in the medium term.

Everything has opportunity cost and I can make a video for the iOS channel which will get more eyes on it/earn a bit of revenue/grow that channel instead of one for the new channel which doesn't see any immediate results. Maybe the solution here is that I should dedicate one day a week to the new channel and see how that goes. I will do another post when the channel launches.