I wanted to change the blog from being on the subdomain blog.jameshaville.com to the main domain jameshaville.com. One of the reasons for this is because I'd like to get a business adsense account approved via this website before I hit youtube monetisation eligibility. For some reason adsense only accepts domains and not subdomains.

I already have a personal adsense account but there's not much information around how to switch this over to a business account with everything pointing towards another application when eligibility is hit. You can't apply via youtube until this is achieved but you can link another adsense account. I don't particularly want to wait around so will try to apply with this site in a week or so and then use it on the youtube channel when I can.

Another reason is that I will be updating the blog frequently so it makes sense to have it as my personal website.

I recently added an email capture to the personal website with a view of offering discounted course prices in the future to those that signed up - as this blog covers more than iOS development I will need to figure out how I can continue to capture interest there.