It looks as though the government is sizing up for another lockdown. Round 2. I'm not convinced. As far as I can see the cost benefit of another one has not been calculated. The long term economic devastation, depression & suicide, loss of life from other undetected/untreated disease surely must come into play. I haven't seen any studies around this.

The main thinking behind this is the virus is clearly not going away - is this what is going to happen many years down the line every time there is a spike?

Restrict the areas with rapid growth, protect the vulnerable - keep it out of care homes - and what do the figures look like then? Is it worse than a bad flu season? Of course we aren't aware of the long term effects of the virus once you have recovered so I understand some level of caution here but I don't think the nation is ready for another lockdown and won't follow it.

Interesting times and one that is sure to get very political. Regardless it is a good excuse to continue on in my income building journey.

I have managed to add another 35 or so subscribers since the 1700 number I wrote about a few days ago so that seems reasonable. It also looks as though the videos in the SwiftUI series I'm doing are picking up views more consistently so I would imagine there's perhaps 40-50 people following along and some more watching (like I would) to see how these new technologies fit together.

September has already surpassed August in terms of subs/view/watchtime so I'm pleased with that. I wonder what the split will be in terms of tutorials vs the iMac videos.