I've dabbled in live streaming on YouTube previously but I don't think streaming from a tiny screened laptop is the most optimal setup and I deleted it immediately after the stream so this is the first stream I left up.

There's always going to be an element of "I should have said that or included why this isn't always optimal" but I think if you don't allow things like this to be included then you would never leave a stream up/spend forever on planning etc. Mistakes are always going to happen and lack of explanation is always going to be there.

I will definitely do more live streams - I think a bit more planning would help. I did do the stream once but decided the music was too loud and the code text was too small so re-recorded it after. In the recorded video there is some echoing that seems to start half way through - not really sure what's going on with that but hopefully it was a one off.

I used streamlabs obs to get this up - suprisingly few/low quality tutorials on how to do this. Eventually figured it out but perhaps there is some room to do some videos on this topic.

Here's the stream -