With the recommended video calming down and going back to normal in terms of views I think it's important to outline a consistent long term approach to the channel in terms of the types of videos, the upload scedule and what I am trying to achieve.

It's very difficult to separate the short term statistics of your YouTube channel from the long term vision. The problem is short term desire for views and watch time is a double edged sword - you see a video does well and you do more of that type of video but the question is whether the type of viewers watching are interested in the core of the channel and how you are actually going to support the long term success.

A person who watches a review on an iMac is from a much wider audience set than someone who is watching episode 15 of a nascent technology that they started following when the IDE was only in beta. So if the goal is to create a sustainable business by pointing the viewers towards a paid course for example the latter is worth so much more than the former.


1.5k views on an iMac review might yield 6 potential customers for your paid SwiftUI course

Only 150 views on Episode 15 of a SwiftUI series might yield 6 potential customers for your paid SwiftUI course

At these numbers YouTube ad revenue doesn't move the needle enough to justify the concentration on producing the first type of video too much. Additionally 150 views may sound small but every extra viewer is highly likely to be at least interested in a paid course even if they do not purchase.

So until the channel is 50k subscribers strong I don't think it makes too much sense to get caught up in the views/watchtime chase. If production of paid courses is the goal here the videos need to attract that viewer specifically with adsense revenue an added bonus.

There is one more video planned for the iMac in respect to fan noise but moving forwards I will be focussing on tutorials and SwiftUI/Combine related commentary as I think this makes the most sense when it comes to sustaining the business with courses in a few months time.