I set a target for the end of September of 2000 subscribers. Having only hit 1555 by the end of August, therefore requiring 445 subscribers in September alone this was wildly ambitious.

I wanted to push myself though. YouTube feeds on channel and video growth so if you can get some momentum going it's possible to grow alot in a short period of time. As it is the channel has almost done in terms of subscribers what it did in August and there are still 10 days left in this month.

Whether they are the right kind of subscribers remains to be seen but I will take it for now and reassess as the channel continues to grow.

So here we are with 1.7k subscribers. If I am to hit the target I need 30 subscribers a day on average in the remaining 10 days. Seeing how my record day (a few days ago) was 25 subscribers in a day this seems ludicrous but I see no reason why it can't get close.

This is mainly due to the iMac videos - however the other videos do seem to consistently picking up views more recently so I hope this trend will continue. In September I have done 11 videos in 19 days way more than in August and the consistency seems to be helping with picking up subscribers.

The channel is still in the early stages of it's growth and everything I'm doing now will feed into the longer term strategy. I don't necessarily think producing a video every other day on average is necessarily the way to go but for a small channel it probably is the way to go - more videos, more chance of being watched.

Let's see how September finishes.