I wanted to diversify the youtube channel from just coding tutorials into one that covers lifestyle, reviews, business etc too.

Recently I did a few videos on the iMac I had purchased. One covered build times, the other a more general video on why I didn't wait for Silicon with a review. They were much popular than the tutorial videos I have been posting up till now, especially the second video - I attribute this to a simple but bold thumbnail with the Big Sur desktop background and a topic that many people are interested in right now.

My suspicion is that these kind of videos drive traffic that is less sticky than those that would watch the tutorial videos. Think short spike of better views/watch time vs sustained views/watch time with tutorials. I will attempt to balance the videos (perhaps 2 tutorials to 1 other type) moving forwards. Having said this I realise that the tutorials I am doing are pretty niche - you need a beta version of Xcode and iOS - to even follow along. Perhaps the performance of these videos will improve come the official release and into the end of this year.

So 528 views and 39.1 hours watch time - not huge but a step in the right direction towards monetisation eligibility which I have targeted by the end of the month. If I did that every day from now until the end of September I would hit it.