Episode 13 of the SwiftUI MVVM fitness app is out today where I create a custom publisher that emits when the challenges collection in Firestore is updated. This will be used in the ChallengeListViewModel.

I think this one of the better videos in terms of value delivery in the series but it will lack popularity as it's quite far into the series and the topic is pretty niche.

I was playing with the idea of cutting the series short but I think for those already following the videos it would be unfair and also in terms of finishing something on video it would be good to continue. I will come up with a compromise where I will finish the app on YouTube but perhaps the actual released one will have a few more features than videos produced.

I have definitely learnt that if you are doing a series for views/watch time it's best to restrict it to 3-5 videos in length with perhaps slightly longer videos (~15 - 20 mins). The more videos there are the more unlikely it is that someone will watch to the end of the series. Having said this as I'm planning to produce courses on similar content maybe a longer series is more beneficial for that type of watcher. It also makes video ideas relatively straight forward as you know what needs to be done. Perhaps a mix of the two types is a good thing after all.